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Academic Activities

Date: 14.11.2018



CME For up gradation to “Competency based graduate education” – Lessons in vertical correlation.

Topic: - Diabetes-Retrospective & Prospective Awareness

Speakers: - 

  1. Dr.Bulbul Purkait, Professor &Hod, Dept of Biochemistry
  2. Dr.V Lokanathan,Assistant Professor, Dept of Biochemistry
  3. Dr.Suman Chatterjee,Demonstrator, Dept of Biochemistry
  4. Dr.Anirban Poddar, Demonstrator, Dept of Biochemistry
  5. Dr.Saikat Samaddar, Demonstrator, Dept of ENT
  6. Dr.Sourav Chatterjee, Demonstrator, Dept of Pharmacology


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